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Happy Monday❣  We had a busy Mothers Day filled weekend.  The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed visiting the town of Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota. Fun Fact-Only in Minnesota would I find an independent coffee house that offered a special mothers day lavender coffee frappe and call it Paisley Park, after the late music artist Prince. LOL.This weekend was filled with noise and joyful laughter from my children and my  “grand”. I am grateful and blessed!

But… this actually  leads me to today’s Monday Wisdom Blog..  I enjoy my busy life so much BECAUSE of this very topic.




Spending time alone gives us time to actually listen to the voice in our own heads. Solitude gives us time to fully explore and trace our thoughts to their source. Personal thinking time allows time to sort  priorities, ensure that we stay on task and reduce the amount of time wasted on things that don’t add value or serve us.

Successful People like Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and Jeff Immelts spend a minimum of 10 Hours a Week by themselves, just thinking . How many hours do you spend?

I am ready for a mini-retreat of Solitude. Which puts us in the ranks of good company? 


Take your mini retreat 🙂

My Mornings are precious to me and I love to have this time alone with God and myself. Once a month I dedicate a Solitude Retreat  Day or partial day/evening to get alone to Think, Pray, Reflect and take Self Care. 

Share with me and tell me how you are taking your SOLITUDE retreat.


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. — Aristotle


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Go out there and be the ?  and the ? everywhere you go


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