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Happy Monday?


How was your weekend? We have had a rainy weekend. Grandpa had the kiddos out working in the yard. I chose to relax and enjoy NOT running around all over the place 🙂 . It was wonderful!

Here is today’s Monday Wisdom?

Alright, I would like to share with you some thoughts on Decision and Indecision that have been SWIRLING around my head for a while. ?

Years ago, I realized how often I’d put off decisions because I was afraid of making the wrong one. Or because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach a conflict, or because I was hesitating over which project I was going to tackle first. Can anyone relate??


This was also apparent in how I worked, too, bouncing between tasks and losing steam because I was spending my time trying to do it all. I would lose focus and drain my energy. 

If you feel like you struggle with any of these things, here are a a couple steps  to help you everyday!

Plan ahead! ?

Brian Tracy says to get a notebook and write out your daily list the night before or early every morning.  He also says that doing this one thing revolutionized his schedule and also brought him in millions of dollars. 

⏰️Take 10 minutes to write out your day, especially the parts where you tend to hesitate or lose steam. Set yourself up for a smoother, more free day! Write everything down and then… Eat that frog! ?Another Brian Tracy statement. If you had to eat a frog everyday for breakfast it would be the hardest thing in your day. So get it done first. Whether it is planning out your meals, squeezing in your exercise time or working out your budget. right into your walking shoes. 

 Set a timer.⏳️

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. A big part of doing it well is allotting the right amount of time for each action item.  Sometimes I battle between two good things. Should I read and send emails now or return phone calls? A mentor of mine taught me to check my emails 3 times a day. Morning, Afternoon and once in the Evening. This was the best advice ever! 

?Look at everyday and process it.  Give each action item a chunk of time, and when the timer goes off be done.

As an example I will set a time when I get on social media to respond to others, inspire, support and encourage. When the time is done, so am I.


Okay we will hit the pause button here and pick it up again next Monday. I hope you will decide this week to Plan Ahead and Set Timers.


Wisdom Quote – Lost time is never found again. – Benjamin Franklin.


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