Welcome to our NEW Wellness Wednesday Study “, Brain Detox.” In our first week of our detox journey, let’s delve into Step 1: In Gathering. 


This step involves purposefully becoming aware of your thoughts, memories, and cultivating a disciplined thought life. By understanding the internal atmosphere of your mind through two sources – the external environment perceived by your five senses and the internal, non-conscious memories – you begin a transformative process.


Let’s begin, create a focused environment. Engage your senses by playing peaceful music, enjoying some candy, or savoring the aroma of freshly opened coffee beans. As you engage, ask yourself: What sensory experiences am I encountering as I learn? Be detailed in your observations. With practice, you will develop the ability to intercept and manage thoughts.


Observing the interplay between incoming information and existing memories reveals a profound connection. Thoughts evoke emotions, which in turn influence attitudes. When a thought surfaces in your consciousness with an emotion, influencing your attitude – either positively or negatively.


This process has a profound impact. Thoughts, combined with emotions, trigger attitudes that generate physical responses, such as altered heart rates, perspiration, or fight-or-flight reactions. However, the application of wisdom from spiritual sources, like God’s Word, carries transformative power. By aligning your thoughts with these principles, peace can replace anxiety and fear.


This journey places you in control.  You have the power to accept or reject the thought, enhancing your ability  to respond in a healthy way. By acknowledging your brain’s ability to accept or deny thoughts, you gain the upper hand. The Amygdala is  your mind’s perceptual library, and plays a pivotal role. Now the Amygdala is aligned with the Hypothalamus, which influences your emotional state and brain chemical reactions, granting you the choice to accept or dismiss thoughts. Denying a thought halts its progression, rendering it temporary. Giving you back your thought power.


All gathered thoughts converge in the hypothalamus, which resembles a seahorse-shaped storage center. During meditation/prayer, this power is amplified. Before embracing a thought, ask yourself: Is this really who I am? Does this thought align with my true identity? If not, deny it access.  a negative thought harbors toxicity, trying to trigger painful memories, lies and negative emotions.


In summary, Week 1 of our brain detox journey entails The In Gathering. By intentionally focusing on your thoughts and memories, you gain insight into the interconnectedness of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and physical responses. Through discipline and awareness, you empower yourself to choose which thoughts to embrace and which to discard. Allowing you to actively shape your mental landscape. In our  journey ahead, we will explore how this  evolves into a powerful practice during meditation.


As always, Thank You so much for reading???? and for sharing ❣

Have an amazing Brain Detox Week❤

Live Long & Prosper!


Dr. Pamela