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Welcome back to Week 2 of our Life Detox journey! Last week, we set our goals and committed to embracing positive change. This week, we are going to dive into the power of visualization and how it can help shape our desired reality. By creating a self-image vision board, we tap into our inner creativity and gain clarity on how we want to look, think, and experience life. Let’s get started!

The Power of Visualization:

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help manifest our dreams and goals. By visualizing our desires, we engage our subconscious mind and strengthen our commitment to change. A self-image vision board is a collection of images, and quotes, and symbols that reflect our aspirations, serving as a daily reminder of the life we envision.

Time to get Crafting Your Self-Image Vision Board:

  1. Reflect on your desired self-image: Take some time to consider how you want to look, feel, and be perceived. What qualities, habits, or attributes do you wish to embody? What positive changes do you want to bring into your life? Write them down to guide your vision board creation process.
  2. Gather inspiration: Look for images, quotes, and phrases that resonate with your desired self-image. You can find inspiration in magazines, online platforms, or even by creating your own digital artwork. Choose visuals that evoke the emotions and aspirations you seek.
  3. Select your medium: Decide how you want to create your vision board. You can choose to go digital using tools like Canva, Trello, Powerpoint or create a physical board using a poster, corkboard, or any other medium that feels right for you.
  4. Arrange and personalize: Arrange the chosen visuals on your board in a way that feels harmonious to you. Add personal touches such as photographs, affirmations, or handwritten notes. Make it a reflection of your unique vision and desires.
  5. Place it where you can see it and work with it daily.

Join Our Vision Board Class:

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Hold Your Image.

Creating a self-image vision board is an exciting and empowering step towards manifesting the life you desire. By visualizing your transformation and surrounding yourself with positive images and affirmations, you’re strengthening your commitment to change. Whether you choose a digital or physical format, let your vision board serve as a daily reminder of the person you’re becoming. Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where we’ll explore the importance of detoxing our relationships and cultivating healthier connections.


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Dr. Pamela