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Happy Memorial  Day Monday❣  our weekend has been enjoyable and restful.

As I write this blog, I am looking at the military memorial flags belonging to my father, Theodore Frericks, and grandfather, Jacob Boesel.

 My grandfather served in WW2 as a Captain at Normandy. He received The Bronze Star and The Purple Heart. If you have ever seen the movie, “Saving Private Ryan” The character played by Tom Hanks echoes the real life WW2 role my grandfather played,  My father served in the Navy during peacetime. He traveled the world ready to defend/protect our nation.  I am grateful for both of these Late Veteran Heroes. 

 My 93 years young Father In Love (Law),Robert Henkel served our nation as well in WW2. He was in  the U.S Marine Corp. Robert’s first duty was, guarding Japanese war criminals for their trial on Guam. This lasted for 6 months and included taking some of them to life imprisonment in Japan, by way of the Philippines and China . Following his next duty was as a Military Policeman on Guam.  To this day Robert is a very patriotic man. He orchestrated The Old Glory Landmark in Helena Montana as a symbol of patriotism and expression of gratitude. Here is the link for you to see.https://g.co/kgs/MtgjxC


Today, I want to honor ???? our military Heroes and Families❤

There is a band of noble heroes all around our nation who sacrificed so much. It is critical that we pause and honor the men and women who put our beloved country above themselves.


The term “Hero” is described as: “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” -Webster Dictionary


Our Veterans have sacrificed greatly: some laying down their lives for you and me.

A hero is someone who has sacrificed greatly. Laying down their life if necessary for something bigger than themselves.

All over our Nation, there is a band of noble Memorial Day Heroes. Let‘s pause and honor them today.. 



In honor of Memorial Day 

I encourage you to share this blog via email and social media. Add your family and friends to the Military Heroes List below..


Here is a start of my list





Deceased Heroes

Theodore Frericks (dad)

Jacob Boesel (grandfather)

Bruce Bullock (pastor)

Jim Schmidt (pastor)

Ralph Frye (friend)


Here Today Heroes

Robert Henkel (Father in law)

Rodney Lucero (brother)

Michael Hyland (pastor)

Ellsworth Brown (Apostle Deborah’s son)

Barry Overton (friend)

JJ Conway (friend)

Giselle Vazquez (friend)

Dr Tracie Lashley (friend)

Cindy LaBrie (Brunelle) (friend) 

Shaunte Chandler  (Friend)

Yashica Mack (Friend)

Pele Hunkin  (Friend)


Wisdom Quote:

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

– Elmer Davis


????Your life and story matters! People are waiting for you.

You are here on purpose with a Purpose by Design and not  by default.


Go out there and be the ???? and the ???? everywhere you go




Dr. Pamela Henkel