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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had our Grand over for the weekend, which was a blast. She is four years old and full of energy. Our 19-year-old son also gave a practiced but impromptu proposal to his girl, surprising us! And she said YES.   Our weekend was full of great activities. 


John Maxwell’s quote, “A person’s thinking comes before achievement. Success doesn’t come by accident,” highlights the critical connection between a person’s thinking and their success. The power of our thoughts can either help or hinder us on our journey toward success, and it is important to understand the role they play.

  1. Clarity of Purpose

Greater thinking helps us gain clarity on what success means to us. When we reflect and think deeply about our goals, we can identify what motivates us and what we want to achieve. This clarity of purpose gives us direction and focus as we work towards our goals. It also helps us avoid distractions and pitfalls that could derail our success.

  1. Increased Confidence

Greater thinking leads to increased confidence, which is crucial for success. When we clearly understand our goals and the steps we need to take, we approach challenges with a sense of determination and confidence. This confidence is contagious and inspires others to believe in us and our abilities. As we progress towards our goals, our confidence grows, motivating us to continue pushing forward even in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

  1. Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Greater thinking also leads to improved problem-solving skills, which are key to success. When we take the time to think deeply about a problem, we can identify its root cause and come up with creative solutions. This ability to problem-solve and find innovative solutions helps us stay ahead of the competition and tackle challenges as they arise.

In conclusion, success doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of intentional thinking and action. To achieve greater success, it’s essential to focus on developing our thinking and using it to drive our decisions and actions. The greater our thinking, the greater our achievement will be. So, take the time to reflect on your goals and work on developing your thinking to increase your success.

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Monday Wisdom Quote For You

It doesn’t matter what profession. A person’s thinking comes before achievement. Success doesn’t come by accident. People don’t normally stumble into success and then figure it out later. the greater your thinking the greater your achievement – John Maxwell


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