Hey Wellness Wednesday  Peeps, 

This week for my Annual Detox Time. It is your turn to create your morning routine and commit to them. 

Let’s continue our mini-series called Mind Over Mattress. What does that even mean? LOL, please allow me to explain. Your mornings and how you attend to them is the secret sauce for your entire day.

It is your turn to create your personal Morning Empowerment  Experience. I am so excited for you.. this is going to change your life!! ???

Here you go??

⬇️⬇️ Your Morning Routine/Experience should include the following.

  1. Gratitude Prayer/Meditation.
  2. Devotion Time.
  3. Exercise Your Body & Mind.
  4. B&B Breakfast & A Book
  5. REVIEW your goals and affirmations.?

I have one that is 5 minutes, 20 minutes & 60 minutes. That way, no matter what my morning schedule is, I have a morning experience to fit. Please let me know once you have created yours. Email me, DM, take a selfie and tag me on social media, make a video and tag me.  I am super excited to hear from you! ??

BONUS!!! I have found the most amazing supplement company. They have been around for a long time. The company is Mannatech. They have reviews from customers who have used their products for 20+ years.  I am super excited because their product PLUS has actually reduced the hot flashes I had been having drastically. Here is my website if you would like to peruse it.


Let me know what you think. 


Your vision matters. Your life and story matter! People are waiting for you.

You are here on purpose with a Purpose by Design and not by default.


Go out there and be the ?  and the ? everywhere you go