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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? My oldest re-introduced me to the game Sequence, which I love and enjoy playing with my family. I won a couple of games. ? . We also celebrated my Father on Love, Bob, half birthday ?.  He us 93 and ½ . Pretty amazing ?.  Here is a little video Bob posted. (click here) “I Love you Bob Dad”❤️❤️

Hey everyone, feel free to hit reply and send a message to Bob. I will make sure he gets them.?


During January, I am challenging you to come out of the 2023 gate HOT and be ready to take massive action. Do not delay! It is time to MOVE. Heaven is holding space for you⏬️.

This week lets laser focus on Saying YES to yourself and your dreams.  


Journal Time – This week, I want you to laser focus. What are 5-10 things you would like to achieve in 2023? Get a journal/notebook and write them out in peasant tense with gratitude. Example – I am grateful that I have paid off my credit card debt $name. I am thankful I have completed my first book. 

Write each goal out 1x a day and flip the page over. The next day do it again but do not look back at the prior days. At the end of this week, review your entries and see which ones you wrote each day.


Also – Are you receiving my Annual “New Year, New You” Challenge? 

It’s all about Vision, Momentum, and Self Confidence. I will send you a daily challenge on social media and email inboxes. I am excited for you to join (CLICK HERE).


My New Year cleanse continues… More info on Wellness Wednesday. You can find it right here on my blog or on any of my social media. I would love to have you join me for 2023. I have some new supplements to share.


Dream Quote For You

The Dream Dreams The Dreamer – Unknown



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