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Welcome back to Monday Wisdom. I am still basking in the Fa La La Glow 🙂  Now it is power-up time for family and Christmas. I need to maintain a level of peace in my heart. The Holidays are for memory-making, not busyness.  


Let’s keep being thankful and grateful.


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Here is a Gratitude Bump For You


It is the Holiday Season, and we can all bump up our gratitude. Especially since we know it will drive our desire to give back. Gratitude and Giving are the pinnacles of Christmas. Gratitude radiates from our lives and creates a cycle that touches everyone.


Gratitude is a gift for yourself and your family and friends. This means that Gratitude is the perfect way to Share Christmas. 

  1. Make an early Christmas call to friends and thank them for their presence in your life.
  2. Sit and watch your Christmas Tree or Menorah with the rest of the lights off.
  3. Send love and prayers anonymously to people. You are helping them, and they don’t even know that. 
  4. Be thankful when you learn something new.
  5. See the growth opportunity in your mistakes.

Here is a Christmas Advent Video For You



Wisdom Quote

“The First Christmas – When the power of Love overcame the love of power.” Theodore Frericks 



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