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Welcome back to Monday Wisdom.  How was your weekend? My weekend was very uneventful. Which I completely appreciate ☀️


The topic of “change” has been on my heart for a while.  Change can be very unsettling for many people. The truth is..we can not escape change. It is a part of daily life.  Day changes into night. The seasons change. We get older (yes.. lots of change there).  The list goes on. NEWS FLASH ?? There are ways, hacks and tips to help us accept change in a positive way. 









? Change


For 5 weeks I am sharing the top 5 best things I have learned about change and how they relate to self development/discovery, building new habits and living a peaceful life. This week Monday Wisdom is Week 4 – 


  • Change and Your  Perspective

“When I change my mind, my world changes”  –  Rev Joe Jordan

Constant change presents us with the opportunity to either dwell on the past or or on the present. It is not the events that occur, but our perspective on them, which will determine whether we thrive or dive..


What area could you change your perspective this week? What could you do in order to adjust your perspective? Do you believe that this change will help you thrive forward?


Wisdom Quote 

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new – Socrates


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