Hey Peeps,

Happy Monday ?


How was your weekend? I had an amazing weekend.  February is my birthday month (I do celebrate all month. My Father in Love gave me permission to do so ?) ??

We had a family dinner on Friday and then an early Valentines dinner Saturday. I was blessed to cook this meal with my two 12 year old daughters. Sunday we celebrated the Super Bowl with Chili.  YUMMY! Please remember to celebrate your life because you are so VERY important!


Today, I would like to share about the power of mindset and your health.

Below is information from Stanford University..

Scientists at Stanford University in the US looked at mortality data for 61,000 adults. For 21 years, dozens of measures were taken, including how much people exercised and crucially, how much exercise they thought they did compared with others their age, during which time some of the participants had died from a range of illnesses.

Analyzing the various factors that might have contributed to the participants’ health, the researchers discovered something extraordinary. People who thought they weren’t doing as much exercise as their peers died younger than those who thought they did more, even when the actual amount of exercise they did was the same.

Isn’t that amazing?!❣



The Late Bob Proctor wrote…


“You see, the human body is an instrument of the mind. It will do whatever the mind tells it to do, whether the thoughts are deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.”


Thinking negative thoughts or making unhealthy choices hurts our body and can eventually cause us to get sick. Remember your mind is the master. If “sick” thinking will cause the body to break down then “healthy” thinking will cause the body to grow strong.


Makes sense, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider that your body constantly re-creates itself. The body you’re living in today is not the same body you’ll be living in a year from now.


You can cast off diseased cells and create new healthy cells. Unfortunately, most people think the same or similar thoughts day after day and year after year. So, they cast off diseased cells only to recreate more of the same.


 Perception creates your reality


Our perception is based on our beliefs, which affect every area of our life.


Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. They allow us to take any experience in our lives and create a meaning that disempowers us or one that can save our lives.


The problem is most of us accept our beliefs without taking the time to uncover and analyze them.


Here are 5 steps you can take to improve your mindset and change your perception.


  1. Take the results you’re getting, as negative as they are, and write them out in detail.
  2. Ask yourself what would be the polar opposite of that?  On a new sheet of paper write out your answer.
  3. Destroy the sheet with the negative results from Step 1.
  4. Rewrite the positive results (Step 2) every day for 30 days.
  5. Read the results you want each day.


This is the process of reprogramming your thinking and it truly works.  I am living proof.  I have been practicing this for years.


Wisdom Quote by Edgar Cayce

” Healing of the physical without the change in the mental and spiritual aspects brings little real help to the individual in the end. Because the mind and the body imprint and imitate each other. What we think, we become. What we become, we think. It’s an insidious process that can predispose us to illness, or it can lead us to health.”




Together let’s create a New Habit of Health.  Working from the inside out.


As always, Thank You for reading ?  and for sharing❤


Thanking Heaven For You ,