Hey Peeps,
It is Blog Time. Welcome back to Monday Wisdom ?‍?How was your weekend? I am excited to share that I have officially entered my Birthday Month. My father in love (law) says I have been given permission to celebrate all month. I plan to celebrate life everyday!!
This Monday Wisdom I would like to
share about self-mastery, health and happiness. My goal is for you to discover one thing that can change your life weekly. #betterlifenow
Self development is taking steps to better yourself, such as by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits. An example of self development is taking courses at the university to learn new skills and interesting things.
One of the greatest benefits of self-mastery is that it helps you have clarity on what is important to you. It teaches you to live in the present moment and helps you create more room in your life for feelings of gratitude, love, fulfillment, joy, and happiness.
Pick one or two areas in your life that you would like to see changed.
What is your current inner communications on this topic.
Write it down?
What would you like it to be?
Write it down on a separate sheet of paper. ?
Compare both.
Which one do you want?
Obviously the second one.
Throw the first one away
Commit to reading out loud twice a day, the one you want. Write it out every day at least 30 days?
Repetition and Ritual create Results.
Renew your mind and Change your life❗
Health Tips
Mindfulness Tip
Wisdom Quote?
A smart person knows what to say.
A wise person knows whether or not to say it. – author unknown
As always, Thank You for reading ? and for sharing❤
2022 The Year for You,
Dr. Pamela⚘❤